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06-09-2011, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Sigge View Post
Hello everyone!

I just registered here after finding these forums through, which I suggest you check out if you didnít already!

A couple of weeks ago I randomly found myself zapping through the channels to find myself watching an NHL game.
This is the first time since I moved to Italy from Sweden, 6 years ago now, that Iíve watched a Hockey game.
Needless to say, this sparked an itch which I havenít been able to shakeÖ I need to get a pair of skates on and get out and play again!

Just to give you some info / background on me:
Iím 26 years old and I was born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden.
Iíve played pond hockey and some amateur pickup games during the winters with my friends since I was a kid, but I never played hockey at an organized level.
Some of this is due to my size, at 13 years of age I was already close to 6í6Ē and I ended up playing basketball instead thinking that I was too tall and skinny for Hockey.
Today I stand just a hair under 6í8Ē and I weight around 220lbs.
My dad, who before I was born, played roughly 2 years of pro hockey in Sweden taught me how to skate when I was really young but he never tried to push me into playing Hockey.

I currently live in Milan, Italy, working for a company called Ubisoft and as you probably can imagine Italy isnít all that big on Hockey!
Even so Iím frantically trying to find some form of amateur hockey team to join or even just a beginners hockey course!

The only downside of all this is that Iíll be looking at a pretty steep investment in getting a whole new set of hockey gear, I literally have to start from scratch again.
Later on when I have time Iíll post the list of gear I intend to order, would be nice to hear some thoughts on the individual pieces!

Last but not least I'd like to give a big shout out to the guys at and the guys posting in the The Hockey Noob Chronicles thread for convincing me that itís actually possible to start and get to a respectable level even at my age!

Thanks for reading and letís hope I can get back out on the ice soon!
You're gonna be a force in those beginner leagues!

Welcome to the boards, and good decision to get back into hockey. Not sure how many of them would have hockey gear in Italy, but checking out some used sporting goods stores is probably the best way to get all the gear you need to start up. Then throughout the next few years you can upgrade your equipment one piece at a time.

Would recommend buying skates new though. Once they've been broken in to someone else's foot it can be hard to get them to fit your feet just right. Everything else is fine to get used. You'll probably have to hunt though to get things that'll fit a guy as tall as you.

Good luck and welcome back to the greatest sport in the world! Don't be afraid to post more threads if you need help. I've been playing 10 years and have learned new stuff from the great people that post here on The Rink and I'm sure others have played longer and still learned some new stuff. We've helped plenty of newbies upstart as well!

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