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06-09-2011, 08:35 AM
Jimmy Carter
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I think it just depends on the kind of player you are and your style. Some guys really thrive on being the best guy out there, some don't.

Just don't stick around if you are continually frustrated. It'll be better for you and your teammates if you leave the team if you're always frustrated because you'll have more fun in a better league and they won't have to feel bad that they're frustrating you (though I guess you're the one out of place, not them lol).

I'd try the D suggestion as others have said, especially if you haven't played much of it in the past. Could be a fun new challenge and a way to work on that skill without getting burned in the higher leagues. Plus on beginner/poor teams it usually just works out best to have the best players on D. Less likely to get scored on, and you can still help with the offense by telling your guys to crash the net and you put in a low shot from the point and have them pick up the rebounds.

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