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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
If you're going to tell the story, tell the whole story.

Yeah, yeah. He lost his legs and lost his confidence...don't forget inexplicably losing his playing time and opportunities without ever having a chance to regain it.

Chris Drury didn't "get by" on intangibles or extra effort. He "got by" on being one of the more fundamentally sound players in the league. This is how it goes when new coaches come in and strip players of ice time and responsibility and spend the next two seasons doing everything they possibly can to ensure that a player doesn't get any opportunities to do what he does best. This is how it goes when a franchise has absolutely zero ability to evaluate talent, plan ahead, or put together a sensible roster. Chris Drury was all wrong for this team from the get-go, and the Rangers never did a thing to put him in a position to succeed. He was doomed to be a "disappointment" before he ever put pen to paper. It's brilliant managerial skills that, signing a free agent and then doing everything you can to make sure you place him in situations that are the polar opposites of the situations he was in on his previous club, where he enjoyed his greatest successes.
See I agree with you to an extent (especially when it came to using him on the point on the PP instead of in front of the net), but I think the Drury of the first 2 years was the best we were going to get out of him. His points were inflated to the mid-high 60's playing on those high powered buffalo teams, with our inferior offense/PP, his 58 and 56 point seasons were well...Chris Drury seasons. He had 22 PPG's in his first 2 seasons, pretty darn good considering our PP wasn't very good.

At the beginning of the next season he was 33. That's the time guys decline, especially a guy like him who played the way he played for so long. And decline he did. There were injuries that played into it sure, but no amount of extra ice time was going to bring him back to the player he was.

You have to remember, the coaches see him in practice and things like that every day, which we don't. So saying that Drury should have been given a bigger offensive role is easy to say if you aren't seeing him practice every day and realizing he doesn't have what he used to.

I refuse to put this on the coaching staff in this case. It was not their responsibility to keep compounding the sunk cost of Drury by putting him in a role he couldn't live up to any longer. You shouldn't keep trying to push forward with something just because you already invested so much in it. If it's not working, it's not working, and what you've invested is gone either way.

Sather? I have no problem blaming him here, not realizing that Drury is not a guy who's going to come in and create offense for a line on his own, and that even at the height of his Buffalo powers 7 mill was way too much to pay.

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