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06-09-2011, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
While I certainly wouldnt want to rain on the parade of anyone who likes to tailgate and wants to do it, to me its kinda like camping(and I HATE camping).

I dont see the point in going to the trouble of bringing raw food and all the stuff necessary to cook it, sitting outdoors and then having to turn around and clean it all up before the game. I could understand if the BA was out in a remote location and there wasnt any good grub nearby, but in Nashville you can sit at a table, indoors in bad weather, or outdoors in good weather, and have very delicious food and all the beverages you can drink brough to you, and you have a place to go to the bathroom, and you dont have to clean it up and pack it all away before the game...

and you can do all this within as little as 100 feet from the arena...
Its because you can!!!

I like to go to Rippy's and lower Broadway pre-game too; but I also like to be able to save a couple of bucks and use the stuff I already have. Plus it gives me a reason to get out of the house a bit earlier and away from the wife and kids w/ a GOOD REASON rather than saying I want to frequent a bar!!!

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