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06-09-2011, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost of Downie View Post
Setting a precedent by trading away a player who just signed a 11 year deal at a hometown discount without that player playing a year of that contract is a worse business decision. Why would anyone ever look for an extension with us after that? Why would a free agent seeking long term security come here?

I'd rather go into the next year with Read or Wellwood replacing Leino than trade Carter. I feel like people are forgetting how utterly useless HBL was after the all-star break.
The business of business business. Sadly no room for ethics sometimes..not saying it's always right but it is what it is. Lots of business people operate amorally ..the curious thing is that rumor has it that the Flyers feel they owe something to Leino to sign him if you believe Eklund and his sources. Anyway, not sure it's all about sacrificing Carter for's about cap flexibility too. They might have some other moves they want to make to not have to scramble all the time to be cap compliant or be hemmed in when they need to make a serious trade. Again I think they are factoring in leaving some more breathing space due to the Pronger situation. The LTIR will only serve them so much since Pronger could be in and out of the lineup and not necessarily shelved for any extended period.

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