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Originally Posted by hattrick2000 View Post
First of, I am not related to Ryan Lowe or any other of the current or past players of the CP canadians. I am a fan of hockey......period. Everytime someone make a comment about a specific player someone always feel they must be related. People do go to these games because they enjoy hockey. These same people also have favorite players as they like the way they play the game. If you look in the stands of the smaller teams like CP it is made up primarily of hockey fans, not relatives of the player.

I am not just concerned about Mr. Lowe not getting congratulated I am also concerned at the way a team treats the players. If a player getting a chance to play hockey in the NCAA or anywhere else for that matter after playing in the CCHL then the team should be advertising the fact, not punishing him by removing the "A" from his jersey on the last game of the regular season. Advertising the fact the a player is leaving for better league or school would only help their cause when trying to attract new players. As I plan on attending CP games for years to come obviously I would want the product to be good.

I apologize to you for saying how I feel if it hurts your feelings. As this is the only post you ever made, maybe you are related to Jason Clarke and feel you need to defend him.

I'm also a fan of hockey...but I don't seem to have a lot of the inside knowledge you possess. I don't know Jason Clarke from Adam so don't feel you need to take a soft stance with your comments about him to me. You must be pretty close to someone in the organization though or else you wouldn't know some of the stuff you do. I'm fairly certain, however, that a coach at this level would not remove an "A" from a player because he chose to go to school rather than play in the league.

In any case, why don't you talk to Clarke directly about it then? If you're such a fan of hockey and seemingly the Canadians, why not bring up your concerns to him rather than do it here? You sound like you're around the CP rink enough...make your voice heard.

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