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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Why is it in Baseball owners, players and agents like Scott Boras get the credit for big contracts but in Hockey its only the GM?

Why is it Drury and his agent take no part in it?

Isn't there 3 parties involved here?
Cashman and Minaya have gotten blasted for some of the free agent signings they've made. Minaya's penchant for giving out bad contracts is part of the reason he was fired.... Castillo, Perez, K-Rod, Bay.

GMs are criticized in all sports when they make a bad free agent signing. And in a cap league such as the NHL, those mistakes are magnified even further. It's not up to the player or agent to ensure that their contract is cap-friendly. That's the GM's job, and he has to make the decision to walk away when the price gets too high.

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