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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
I think Chris Drury wants to be an 100g 100a guy. But he can't. A bigger paycheck doesn't make the player better. It come downs to evaluating talent — something this GM has been pretty terrible about in free agency.

He took the offer and delivered what were basically normal seasons for him in his first two seasons here (again leading the team in goals his first season). Any expectation that the bigger the paycheck would me bigger the production is on the guy who agreed to pay him that salary.
i'm not really sure how much blame you can lay at Sather's feet for Drury. Sure he overpaid, but only by $2m. Was Briere worth $8m?

Drury was pursued because he was relatively young @ 28, SC winning, clutch goal scoring his whole career, and coming off a 30/37g, 67,69, back to back season with huge playoffs for the Sabres.

Drury didn't warrant $7m, but Buffallo's last offer was $5m from my understanding. How long are we going to harp on a $2m over payment during a free agency year where that was the norm?

Drury was not elite talent, never was, but he was a "complete" player with a will to win. Was it is fault he was transplated on a team with not much supporting talent after his first season?

If Drury put up his #'s like he did with Buffalo, no one would complain about his $$. Aren't we still looking for 65-70p top six UFA's that are proven playoff performers? How much do you think they'd be worth @ 28 years old?

Drury's second concussion at the hands of Glengross, changed him for the worst imo. His skills eroded. I don't see why this needs to be another excuse to attack Sather over basically a $2m overpayment.

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