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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Out of curiousity:

What's there to stop the Rangers from, um, "enticing" Chris to retire and then offering him a position as, let's say, Assistant GM for a similar salary? Clearly, the Rangers are in a position (financially speaking) to be able to do this. I wonder if there's any verbiage in the CBA to forbid this.
There's nothing specific, but there is language regarding attempts to circumvent the cap, which is why the devils got nailed on the Kovy contract.

If we were to do that, I would have to think that the league would investigate and possibly even bring in an arbitrator to determine if we circumvented the cap. If he was making under 1 mil, maybe they wouldn't rule against us, but if he's making 3+ mil, yeah, they'd nail us.

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