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06-09-2011, 01:32 PM
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Drury is always going to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I dont hate the guy, he will always go down as a special hockey player. And never have I thought that he didnt give 100% when playing on the Rangers. I hated the situation he left the Rangers in, not the player. But for me, that hatred transfered a bit over to him. I constantly found myself cursing his name when he made any blunders on the ice.

Not going to say its justified. Really shouldnt knock a guy when he is giving 100%, but his contract made it happen. At least for me and many other people. If the guy signed for 2.5 million, he would probably be well loved by the fan base.

No need to feel sorry for him. I would love to have someone hand me millions of dollars because I am not good enough to play a professional sport. I am doing it now for free.

No need to assign blame. All UFA get paid more than they are worth. Many of you make it sound like Drury was sitting at home asking for 5 million, and Sather was only offering 7m contracts at him. He negotiated for 7, and he no where near lived up to it.

The guy will go down in the books as being a special player. But whenever I hear his name, I wont be able to control that bitter taste.

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