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06-09-2011, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Mooseduck View Post
Uggh, Angels lose another by Rodney.
Like the welcome back for Wells
I wouldn't blame Rodney. It was a loss because we can't hit. Wells was a bust. He could have knocked in Abreu in the 8th, but naw. Instead, he's swinging at pitches that he has no reason at swinging. I really am missing Big Daddy Vladdy. Sure he can't play in the outfield, but this team needs RBI's. Odd, don't you think, that we draft a power bat whose only projected position is DH.

This team needs a better hitting coach. This team needs a shake up, but no one will take Wells' albatross salary (except us, of course). The only movable piece we have is Kendrys Morales because we have nothing else. Trout is not a movable piece, unless you envision movable as in moving up from the minors and into the league, then yes.

Bleah. Good pitching going to waste.

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