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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Because ultimately, it's the GM who decides to pay a player. The player can ask for whatever he wants. It's the GM who decides that the player is worth that much. And in baseball, there's no hard cap. If there was one, you'd hear a lot more about it. With the Mets paying Castillo and Perez to not be on the team and the Yanks with the likes of Kei Igawa and Carl Pavano.
Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
Because the MLB doesn't have a salary cap.
Wait so because we as fans know about a salary cap makes it different? Really? You don't think EVERY baseball team operates with a salary cap? It's called a BUDGET. Believe it or not, but these teams are businesses, this isn't a video game. There are guys with suits and ties and accountants that actually run these things. They pay taxes, have AR and AP accounts, have banks they deal with, ledgers and all kinds of cool stuff. Believe me, EVERY MLB team has a CAP on what they can pay on salary each year whether its imposed by the league or themselves it exists. We're not aware of it so we don't think about it so we don't point fingers when they're near it so we have no idea when they make decisions based off of it, even though they may.

There is no doubt that the GM has to agree to the contract, but he didn't just come along and say "here you go buddy" like some suggest. It's a negotiation between 3 parties, PLAYER, AGENT, & GM. All parties involved have a hand in the pot, that's my point, stop saying SATHER SATHER SATHER, when there are 3 people involved here. Drury is not a victim of his contract, he's a participant.

Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Cashman and Minaya have gotten blasted for some of the free agent signings they've made. Minaya's penchant for giving out bad contracts is part of the reason he was fired.... Castillo, Perez, K-Rod, Bay.

GMs are criticized in all sports when they make a bad free agent signing. And in a cap league such as the NHL, those mistakes are magnified even further. It's not up to the player or agent to ensure that their contract is cap-friendly. That's the GM's job, and he has to make the decision to walk away when the price gets too high.
True and also in baseball players as well as agents are also recognized for their failures or successes for the work that they do. My point is that there are 3 people involved with Chris Drury's contract and it's not Sather alone. If Drury felt he was worth 7m and held out for it, then yeah, he should own up to it. If Sather offered it to him, he's a fool for doing so. If his agent helped orchestrate the whole thing, he gets a piece for selling painted lead. It's not just "Sather the Fool" because you don't like Sather and love Chris Drury.

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