Thread: Bill Meltzer: Flyers Lose Joacim Eriksson's Rights
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06-09-2011, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post

"Other than Leighton, mainly due to an injury, they didn't back fire."

"They didn't backfire? Leighton's, Walker's and hopefully Shelley's future with the organization will all be with the AHL."

"Sure you picked them because you think they backfired. And it wasn't obvious that they backfired. Fans may not have liked the choices right off the bat. I didn't either. But that doesn't mean they knew they would backfire."

"When you sign/trade for players to be NHL players and they end up in the AHL because they were not good enough to justify the cap hit that you brought them in on, how is that anything other than a failure?"

"Again, things change. A player turns out to have a downturn in his career and doesn't play as well as he has in the past. He get's physical issues that affect his play. Etc. Again, it's not an exact science."

"Leighton, Shelley and Walker did not have downturns in their careers. The performance they gave the Flyers is consistent with their performances throughout their careers. The reality is just that they aren't that good."

So who are we talking about now?
You brought up those 3 players, not me. When you mentioned them specifically, I responded. And you wanted to single out 3 moves out who knows how many in a feeble attempt to state tht Holmgren is a bad GM.

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
I and other Flyers fan have expressed the opinion that it is a mistake to not sign Eriksson. But we are not allowed to express that opinion because we don't have access to the resources the Flyers have? How is that not dismissing our opinions?
I haven't dismissed your opinions. If I dismissed them I wouldn't respond to them. I would ignore them.
I've never once said that you and other Flyers fans aren't allowed to express an opinion.
What kind of opinion do you want to give. A well thought out informed opinion. Or a knee jerk off the cuff uninformed opinion like the one you gave earlier that if the Flyers don't sign Bryzgalov in the next week, they won't? While being uninformed of the Flyers current tagging space issues. Then when you were corrected, yuo tried to spin your way out of it.

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
Any time any team makes any move, they will be operating on more information than the fans. Does that mean the fans can not question those moves? Can fans only express their opinions when the have access to all the information that their team has?

I'm sorry mine, and other's opinions don't meet your litmus test as to what constitutes an informed opinion.
Fans can question anything they choose. They can also choose to inform themselves before giving an opinion.

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
You justified 3 players not being worth their contracts by there being other players not worth their contracts, and I'm the one not making sense?
I didn't justify anything. I gave my opinion on what I thought the reasoning was behind the moves.

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post

Once again, not at all what I am arguing.

So fans just shouldn't speak up when they believe their team made a mistake?
You can speak up on anything you choose. But why not get some facts and take all the factors into consideration before making a rush to judgement when you don't know the facts.

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