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06-09-2011, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
I never said i think hes a #1 defender lol. I think he has filled in as a top pairing defender very well.. But he is an outstanding #3 defensman, and a capable #2.

I do believe the 15th + Wolski should be able to move us up a couple of spots. It doesnt mean i believe he is worth the 20th overall, although he could prob end up being better than half of the players selected in the 1st round of this years draft considering its a very weak draft class.

My reasoning to think that if we were to move back by trading Wolski + 15th overall i do believe it should bring us back something along the lines of a pick 18-22 and 2 2nd round picks. Normally if a team owning the a pick around 20 and wants to move up 5 spots to get the 15th pick, they would need to package the 20th overall and a mid round 2nd round pick, so why wouldnt we expect more than the pathetic packages being offered around here?

I dont believe that Wolski should get us a great return but he should be able to get the rangers a 2nd round pick. Im not looking through this with homerism eyes, im looking at it, as wolski is a 25yo 50pt winger who yes is signed for more than he is worth but its only for 1 year remaining. Hes a player that im sure other gms wouldnt mind taking a chance on by giving up a late 2nd rounder in a weak draft. Besides if you look at all the trades made by sather, im sorry but he is godly with his trading and when all of you thought gomez, kotalik, and higgins would bring nothing but a terrible contract in return, he ended up pulling Mcdonagh and Prust and the ability to get Gaborik.

Yes i know those gms dont have jobs anymore but im pretty sure we just fleeced Calgary again with the trade we just made for Erixon.


If you go and look at our salary cap board you will see that we can actually fit Richards in without buying either player out by offering him a 6m per year contract. With Drury bought out we can now offer him up to 7m.. If we bought out Wolski as well, we could even sign Richards for 7m and have a couple million left over for another forward. But if you read the other reports after the confirmation that drury will be bought out, you will see that wolski and avery are NOT being bought out.
You said "I think you and other posters vastly underrate rangers players such as Staal, Girardi and others." and since I feel Girardi is a low end #2 defender and haven't expressed any other view I assumed you consider him a #1.

Wolski's non-value can't be measured in how many points he gets or not. Patrick O'Sullivan usually is on pace for 40-50 points and no one wants to touch him. Guys without compete are team killers and line killers. Others don't want to play with them. There is a reason fans and teams sour on Wolski so fast. Wolski was even more productive on the Avs than he has been since leaving and no sane Avs fan want him back. You simply don't win stuff with players like that.

As for

Rangers Trade:
15th Overall

Leafs Trade:
25th Overall
29th Overall

That's pretty much what I have been saying. Those two Leafs picks would normally get them to perhaps #18th-20th overall. So when you find that deal ok, you acknowledge that Wolski has negative value. Or you overrate how much 25th+29th overall would allow you trade up.

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