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Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
I like Kostitsyn but i think he will never do more than 55 points with the habs.

He has the capacity to do so, but not the heart or the engagement to the team.

Plus martin hates his guts so he won't give him enough ice time to really shine.

Paciorretty if he comes back the same (let's hope so) could net 30 and 65 points IMO and at least a 50 points season next year but with heart at every single shifts on the ici and an aspect of the game Kostitsyn lacks passion.

Give the heart of Steve Begin to Kostitsyn an you got yourselves an 75 points player with a 35-40 goal potential. But that will never happen.

This guy is so frustrating to watch because he has highlight real skills an absolute laser but uses them about 1 game out of 5.

Kostitsyn and Kovalev skill wise are the best players the Habs have had since Damphousse and Richer. And IMO they have more skills than those two.

But because of the heart the determination and the passion of Paciorretty he will be a better player than Kostitsyn in the league.
Richer broke my heart. I'm pretty sure it came out that he suffered from bipolar disorder though. That explains a lot about his career. All the tools and the best shot in the league but he would go into these really strange moods...

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