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06-09-2011, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
All those people who are posting here that they watch all our prospects on a regular basis are lying.

It's not possible for multiple reasons.

1. We are in NYC where not a single game is shown.

2. People have jobs, school, families so they can't follow several dozen teams on even semi-regular basis.

3. Most junior games are not on TV.

4. Even if the first three points did not apply, it is impossible to watch that many games, which take place at the same time.

5. Stop and ask them on the spot to discuss some player who is on the same team, but is unheralded.if they watch these teams on a regular basis, they would know stars as well as shrubs. We know who Fedotenko is, right? So ask them about a marginal third liner on McIlrath's junior team. They will have no clue who you are talking about.

All those people here claiming to watch juniors are just trying to make themselves into experts just to make themselves feel good.

They usually don't have a respectable job, a woman, any accomplishment to speak of. Being a great expert at their hobby is the only thing that makes them feel good. There is nothing else in their lives.

And so they claim that they sit there watching junior, college and Euro hockey on a daily basis in hopes that we will recognize them as experts, and more importantly as being intelligent and worthy.

But let's be honest: where in New York will you get junior broadcasts? And when can you possibly have the time to watch dozens of games for that many prospects?
Well, for one, I think you're underestimating the way scouting is conducted.

Virtually all junior games, and not just in the CHL, but in some European countries, are taped. Teams and scouts get LOADS of footage, highly organized depending on their interest. They have people that work with the video, make it as time-friendly as possible. They cut out all extemporaneous footage, time outs, commercial breaks, etc. They have reels focusing on specific players/lines/game situations, etc.

Also, as goose pointed out, all junior games are available VIA subscription, as are some European leagues.

I like that you're basically calling out most of the people that do the most contributing to the board here. Amusing stuff.

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