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06-10-2011, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
No, the new jerseys are a new design. David Freeman designed the 3rd's and had a prototype white home jersey made up off that design that you'll see around the arena (a whole set was sold at a late season charity event), but Freeman stepped down from his chairmanship position two summers ago and the new jerseys are not based off of the 3rd now.

That's great! I know as a Hartford native who has gone through a very similar experience as you are going through now, I found it to be a smooth transition to becoming a Predators fan due to the lack of any rivalry between the Whalers and the Predators (obviously Nashville wasn't around then) and the fact that they are simply a well-built organization that truly prioritizes character at all levels of the organization.

You will struggle to find an organization that provides more access to the team for the general public and under local ownership have gone out of their way to become a part of the community as opposed to just being an NHL franchise. The players live amongst the community as neighbors and the atmosphere at the arena is second to none.

Give us a shot and I'm sure you'll be hooked by the time you leave your first game at Bridgestone Arena!
I got that feeling at the only game I've been to there.

Was a preseason game a few years back. Me and my brother were only ones that I could see in Thrasher jerseys. In the middle of the second, Gnash passed by our section and started to "mock" us, like any good mascot should. Everybody around started cracking up, including us. He was damn funny about it. As he was pointing at the scoreboard (was 3-1 Preds at the time), Atlanta scored. I got us and started clapping, celebrating; saying pretty loud how we're only down one and back in the game. He did the forehead-in-hand, shaking his head. Everybody around got another really good chuckle out of it. As he started heading over to another section, we shook on it. All the people there got it; no malice whatsoever, just fans having a good time.

Was also approached by several fans during the intermissions. We basically just talked shop, asked each other questions about the others team, how I liked Nashville, etc. You know, a polite southern conversation with another knowledgeable hockey fan.

I really wasn't a Preds fan then, even though it would have been easy since we were in separate conferences. I was still hyper focused on being a Thrasher fan. And honestly, jealous because the Preds were building a good team and we largely sucked even though both had existed for basically the same amount of time.
The fanboy in me refused to jump on the bandwagon. But now there are no barriers in the way, and this crappy situation has added another layer to my hockey maturity (the appreciation and split-loyalty dimensions).

I'm on board now for sure.

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