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06-10-2011, 10:49 AM
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Last Saturday I played in a local minor celebrity golf tourney, my celebrity was Curt Keilback, freaking awesome for any old Jets fan. On one of the holes there was a back log and the group waiting to tee off had Mike Keane and Scott Arniel in it. I played with Keane the year before so we had a quick conversation. Before any of these rumours I asked Arniel about Carter/Carle for picks to get space for a goalie.

His quick reply was as far as he knew Carter was 100% not available and when I joked that Carle sucked, his reply was he would take Carle in a second on his team and that he did not suck. He also thought our goalies would be Bryz/Bob. I forgot I asked him what he thought about Ericcson being released, but in my drunken stooper I forgot what he said

I was drunk, so he could of just been playing along, but the impression I got was that he was a big fan of Carle ?

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