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06-10-2011, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
If the Canucks actually blow this I'll hate them even more than I already did. If Boston actually wins this I'll hate them even more than I already did.

If Luongo actually blows this I'll think he's an even bigger choker than he already was.

I honestly see Luo out there and he looks gassed. I really hope I'm wrong but he looks very tired. Maybe they shouldn't have played him so many games just to be 1st in the west... long story short say they rested Luo and lost 5-10 more games (OTL here or there too) they'd still be in the mix and Luo would be more fresh. Maybe he just can't deal with the pressure of playing up to 28 straight playoff games.

All I know is he's choking and Thomas is shining.

At least I can say the Canucks fan base for the most part seems less hypocritical about it. The Bruins fan base are a ****ing joke. They cry for sympathy cause of Savard, Horton, etc but it's the game they play that causes those types of injuries to happen. If you play dirty now and then you'll get a taste of your own medicine. It's just how things work, an eye for an eye. The Canucks aren't some chump team Boston can just walk all over but when you have no goaltending (choker) it's hard for your offense to stay confident. Luongo couldn't buy a win right now if the NHL allowed him to have a brick wall behind him.
Bruins had a 4-0 lead in game three at end of 2nd period. Why didn't the coach take him out to try and change some momentum for next game and give Luongo a break. Instead AV lets him get peppered in the 3rd.

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