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Originally Posted by SouthpawTRK View Post
At Sharks Ice in San Jose, they have two different adult recreational leagues; one that is for 18 and over and another league that is strictly for those that are 35+.

The latter league plays on one specific day per week and has a gathering before the season starts to draft players to focus on having balanced teams for the season.

Even though I'd easily qualify for the +35 league; I elected to join the league for the 18 and over. The league I play in has a good mix of skilled and unskilled players; and there are guys that are easily 10-15 years my senior that play in that league.
I'll add to this:

It does not keep track of stats, to try and keep things friendly.
It has a much stricter penalty standard. No touchy!
In the regular leagues, 4 penalties in a single game is a misconduct. In over 35, 2 penalties means you're done.
It lets goalies 30+ play because goalie is tough at 50 :p. Considering your league is just starting out, you might want to take whatever you can get at goalie.

The 35+ league isn't just no-check, it really is close to no-contact. And I think that's the niche 40+ or 50+ leagues fill.

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