Thread: Salary Cap: Buyouts - Does it make sense?
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06-10-2011, 01:31 PM
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I like Boyes as a streaky winger to compliment our other streaky wingers.

Stafford + Boyes = one complete 50 goal 82 game player.
4 mil + 4 mil = the going rate for a complete 50 goal, 82 game player.

Anyway, I still think Hecht's value to this team is criminally under-appreciated. We all want offensive spark, but too many people automatically dismiss Poms and Hecht as overpaid spare parts because they have a strong defensive component of their game too- one that is perhaps stronger than their offense. Heck, I even think Connolly gets shredded on this board for being a solid penalty killer that can be relied on but who chips in about 25 too few goals a season. But I think a good team needs players like Hecht to win.

Boyes is streaky, but off the books next season. and I think his contract is pretty favorable. Last year he put up a "depressing" 17 goals and 38 assists. That's not really too bad for 4 million. It's not as if he's way under-performing.

The only argument you could make is really Morrisson, but I think he's best as the Norlan Pratt 6-7 d-man. You don't want him in the minors taking away time from our barrel full of young d-men. You keep him as an insurance policy that you can trust to play 10 minutes a game in 40 games. Last year was by far the worst season of his pro career and for his contract I would expect somewhat of a bounceback.

anyway, long statement to just agree with everyone. Buying out is a ridiculous idea. There's no need for it. We have ample cap room, and next year might be a better year to have it free.

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