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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
I don’t care if you like my trade proposals, I’m simply trying to come up with plan B ideas to bring
In top 3 talent in case Richards doesn’t work out. You’ve got to give to get. But Instead of addressing what I actually wrote,
You made it personal with me by writing:

“Just... wow. I wish you were being sarcastic. Most of this is just unbelievably out of touch with reality. “

How is that dealing with the issue? You come off like an @ss with me and I’m supposed to respect you?

Making a deal to bring in a 27yr old Spezza who is a ppg player and a true 1st line center makes me a product Of the ranger fanbase from a decade ago? If I were you I would be embarrassed for a lot more than us being fans of the same
Hockey team.
Because your initial post was just.... SO FAR OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY. How is that getting personal???? I didn't attack you for being a fan of Spezza. I like Spezza too and I'd love to get him, but we've finally had a few years of progressing in the right direction building a strong young core and now that we're finally close (1-2 pieces away from being a contender) you want to trade one of our most valuable forwards to bring in a guy who has zero loyalty to NY or the Rangers organization. ie: Another hired gun (reminiscent of the dark ages of the late 90's, early 2000's).

Dubinsky bleeds Rangers blue. You can tell he wants to win here. He was arguably our best all-around player outside of Lundqvist this past season. Just because it's only "one" season, doesn't mean you can't be happy with it and be excited to watch him continue to progress as a player. The vast majority of NHL players don't just STOP progressing at age 25. There is plenty of room for Dubinsky to continue to get better in all areas of the game. In all likelihood, he's only going to get physically stronger over the next 5 years. He has 5 years til he's 30. Plenty of players have their BEST seasons at age 30. Why are you discounting all of this just to bring in a guy who put up big numbers a few years ago playing with Heatley and Alfredsson? He's still good for almost a PPG, but at what cost, defensively? He doesn't play in the areas Dubinsky plays. He doesn't kill penalties the way Dubi does. He doesn't stick up for his teammates the way Dubi does. He doesn't crash the net the way Dubi does. And the last two years, he's missed 40 games. We all watched as Drury's body broke down earlier than expected. As much as I'd love to see Spezza running our powerplay and dishing to players like Kreider, Thomas, and Grachev in the future, I see Spezza as a big potential risk. A risk that I'm not willing to part with one of our most valuable core players for. I'd sooner part with Anisimov, Girardi, 15th overall, and a mid-level prospect, which honestly should be enough to get it done anyway. If it's not, oh well.

I understand that you're trying to come up with Plan B since this year's UFA market is so thin on top-line talent, but it'd be better to fight for the 8th seed this year with what we've got (if we miss out on Richards) than to start dismantling the team and trading off one of the grittiest young top 6 forwards this team has had since Adam Graves. As much as I've been an advocate of "the time is now" to make a big move and go for a deep playoff run while Lundqvist is still in his prime, I'd rather take a step back and wait for the right deal than to make a move out of fear and give up irreplaceable core players to get a player who isn't our first choice and has had question marks about his work ethic and recent injury history.

I apologize if you thought my initial response was rude. I was honestly just shocked that someone would be so eager to trade Dubinsky based seemingly solely on his point totals, and discounting everything else he brings to the table. This isn't a Drury-intangibles argument. You can see and discuss everything that Dubinsky brings on a nightly basis. And I still vehemently disagree with your perspective on the value of heart and will in a hockey player.

I have posted plenty of proposals that weren't well-received, such as Girardi, Anisimov, Thomas, and a 1st for Lecavalier. I recognize that we're all trying to get creative and we all do want to see the Rangers in a cup in the next few years, so I apologize if I got out of line. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions and there's no way to prove that one deal is more likely or unlikely than any other. The NHL has seen some crazy, unexpected deals that leave many scratching their heads. And usually the biggest deals are the ones that nobody saw coming or proposed on HF.

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