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06-10-2011, 02:53 PM
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The problem is that the CHL isn't really a national league no matter what we are led to believe.

The CHL is really 3 regional leagues (WHL, OHL, QMJHL). With 56 teams in the country (or whatever the number is now) and it's impossible for the average fan to follow the goings on of most teams.

What incentive does the average fan in Halifax has of watching Vancouver play Red Deer or Halifax play Cape Breton.

As a hardcore fan, I enjoy watching anybody play anybody in the CHL but i don't think there are as many people like me out there to make it as successful as the World Jrs. for example.

I always wondered if the CHL would be better off splitting into two tiers. There's always a huge line between the big market teams (who always get the better players) and the small market teams who can barely survive year to year. Might be interesting to group the traditionally better teams in one league and the traditionally weaker teams in another.

I think if the CHL had a tier that's more of a National League where teams travel all over the country you would have TSN beating down the CHL's door wanting a piece of that action.

It would be an easy sell if all the teams travel coast to coast. Fans from all regions would have more interest in Vancouver vs. Ottawa or London vs. Halifax rather than Montreal vs. Rimouski.

Obviously this would never happen. The CHL would never hurt half of its membership to create some sort of national junior super league. However, i don't think TSN would be interested in small potatos.

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