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Originally Posted by karacter View Post
What I am wondering is if the Reebok, Bauer, and Easton sticks are all compatible with an ABS blade.

For example, my personal favorite which I tried through a friend is the Reebok 6k, which says it fits standard blades, so that would mean ABS blades right? Next of my favorites are the totalONE30 and the X:20 which I assume also both fit an ABS blade.
"Standard" refers to the size of the opening where the blade goes, it has nothing to do with what material the blade is made of. There are two types of blade/shaft combos:
- Standard shafts, which fit standard blades (these can be ABS, carbon, wood, whatever). This means a relatively large opening at the end of the shaft/a relatively large tenon on the blade. Sometimes "standard" shafts/blades are also referred to as "traditional" shafts/baldes
- Tapered shafts, which fit tapered blades (again, doesn't refer to what the blade is made of). Tapered shafts have a relatively small opening (because the shaft tapers down at the blade end), and the tenons on tapered blades are obviously smaller as well to fit in the opening. Tapered blades also have a shorter hosel. Sometimes "tapered" shafts/blades are also referred to as "low kick" shafts/blades

With that being said, every ABS blade I've ever seen has been a "standard" blade (wide tenon, long hosel), so your standard shaft should work perfect for any ABS blade you buy. Worth double checking when you buy a blade though obviously, make sure it actually is meant for standard shafts.

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