Thread: Speculation: Brad Richards News Part IV
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06-10-2011, 03:21 PM
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Brad Richards' middle name is Glenn. And his first name is Bradley.

Bradley Glenn Richards

You read that correctly.

Brad Richards' name includes an anagram for the word Rangers!

Destiny? You tell me. Let's look deeper.

After extracting the word Rangers from Richards' name, one of the many combinations of the remaining letters include: "Bid Shellac Dry." Confused? Bear with me.

Bradley Glenn Richards = Rangers Bid Shellac Dry

Slang for "shellac" means "b. to thrash soundly."

"Dry" means "free from tears."

There you have it.

Bradley Glenn Richards = Rangers bid to thrash soundly, free from tears.

Many here will be weeping if the Rangers don't get Richards, so our thrashing bid must be successful in order to be free from tears.

Richards to Rangers is a done deal.

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