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Originally Posted by SirRocko View Post
Just chiming in here, I had no idea Karlsson put up that many points this year, that's awesome for you guys. Also, Pyke, you have some of the most organized and enjoyable to read posts I've seen on HF, kudos to you.

On topic. Based on some of the more intelligent posts I've read here, if the Sabres hypothetically wanted the 1st pick (which I don't believe they would), they would have to trade something like this?

Tyler Ennis (20+29 in 82 gp)
Brayden McNabb
2011 16th pick
2011 3rd Rounder

Or would that be an over-payment or under-payment?
Depending on how high Ennis was rated by the Oilers, they may not need to include some of those pieces. Ennis is a bit of an odd case, in that, there's no doubting his skill - but his size (5'9) makes him somewhat less attractive than he would be if he had the same totals but was 6'3.

Any of the deals would depend on how the player included was valued by the team. I have no doubt the Sabres could land the 1st overall pick without including Myers or Miller - but I don't know that it'd be in their long-term best interests.

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