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06-10-2011, 05:02 PM
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As you might know the name the of new Winnipeg NHL team is a raging debate here. Jets not Jets, Embrace new name, Won't Embrace new name, I thought I'd ask here since you guys went through this not that long ago.

I've gotten into this numerous times, and I can't say how much of the majority I speak for but I know theres definitely a good amount of people who agree on some level...

I heard a caller here claiming to be from Mineapolis that some of his buddies won't wear or buy Wild merch and will only wear N Star jersey's etc, but do go to games and support the team.

I own 2 Wild jersey's (One the Wild away jersey & the new green one, both gifts btw)
I rarely wear either of them. I LOVE that Minnesota has a team again & I will always love the Wild for being Minnesotas team but with that said. I HATE them.. I think we look like a joke of a team. I hate our colors, I hate our name, I hate our mascot, I hate our shoulder patches. Basically they disgust me. I feel no pride what-so-ever in putting a Wild jersey on. I'm actually pretty much embarrassed to put a Wild jersey on.. The logo is clever & the green one is definitely a step in the right direction but ya, total FAIL in my opion.. (Ok, alot of people don't feel as strongly as me on that last bit but thats how I feel...) btw, we all love our Arena but that doesn't have much to do with the team but I wanted to throw that in quick.

I Almost always wear my North Stars gear & I still often buy North Stars throwback t-shirts & long sleeves, hats, etc. I think the North Stars name & logo & colors were some of the best in all of sports... I would take the North Stars everything over the Wild anything any day of the week...

Initially how was it recieved ?

I don't remember anyone being thrilled and most people were just like "ummm ok I guess" but seriously, we were all soo stoked to have a team again that at that point getting them on the ice was all we cared about & also out of the names we had to choose from Wild was sadly the best. I would have supported Northern Lights tho too. haha

Was there a backlash at all ?

I wouldn't call it "backlash" just alot of mild confusion by the choice & grumbling about how it sucks we couldn't be the North Stars again...

How about now are some still not happy ? Everyone a Wild fan or are some pining for the N Stars name ?

I would take the North Stars name, logo & colors back in a heartbeat. team Identity my ass. After one season people would be used to it and happy. I just think that the gold & green with a star capped N is vastly superior to christmas sweaters with a Christmas ornament on them.. Again, the logo is clever but it's no north stars logo!

The issue lies now with the fact that it's been too long. You'd be splitting the generations of fans.. Anyone born in the last 15 years really only knows the Wild as the team. If it was right away or a couple years in probably no problem to make the change, but now it's a bit more complicated...

As someone else said, I would honestly be happy just owning the rights & being able to have a north stars logo shoulder patch & maybe do a throwback jersey every few years for some games BUT all the puriasts have issues with that "because the Wild & the North stars are not connected" well I say we're connected by being Minnesota hockey. I don't care that it's technically not the same franchise.. Either are the Browns or if the Thrashers become the Jets. I dont see the big deal.. I say it's a waste to have no one honor how awesome that logo, colors & jersey are..

Hell, even if Dallas is the one to bring it back then fine! Just someone use it! It's too good to waste...

I understand the Stars still exist so it's a little different in that the Jets name does not exist. I myself am open to new name but I totally understand those that don't.

Kind of but not really.. My argument is that theres a Red Sox & White Sox.. no issue. A Blues & Blue Jackets.. no issue. Hell, there's 2 teams both called the Admirals in the AHL. Are people really trying to suggest that a North Stars & Stars would be too confusing? If thats the case then thats sad... Again, look at my examples.. Both baseball teams are referred to as "the Sox" and it works just fine.. People make things too complicated..

I really hope you guys get to be the Jets again. And although the franchise is technically in Phoenix now, who cares!? is my opinion. If you guys like the Jets name take it back! I wish we had the testicular fortitude to do the same! haha I would love to see the Jets sweater around again and for the record I'd be jealous that your franchise did what we didnt do. Took your rightful name back...

Just curious to hear how fans of a franchise that has been through this feels and what you'd do.

It sucks losing your team. It rocks getting a new team but the patience waiting for them to be good sucks (lucky for you guys you're not starting from scratch) Also,there's a certain frusteration that comes with not being called & looking like how you want to look but all in all it's really not as big of deal as I make it out to be, I just want a jersey I can wear & be proud of & I am just NOT proud in any way shape or form to be a christmas colored team named after our scenic outdoors.. which as someone else pointed out, our outdoors don't hold a candle to the beauty of our division rivals in Vancouver, Colorado, & Alberta Canada (Oilers & Flames) so the irony there is pretty funny... Yes Minnesota is beautiful but more beautiful then Vancouver or the Colorado rockies...? I think not...

And for "what I do" aka, How do I cope? I complain on message boards to anyone who will listen...

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