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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
That's better than most #10 picks. Again, fans are way too optimistic about draft picks, and then forget those who do not work out, while focusing on Getzlaf and Hossa.

#10 picks from 1990 to 2005:

1990: Drake Berehowski - garbage defenseman, bust
1991: Martin Lapointe - third liner
1992: Andrei Nazarov - garbage forward, bust
1993: Jocelyn T-Bo - ok goalie, but nothing to write home about
1994: Nolan Baumgartner - bust
1995: Radek Dvorak - second liner
1996: Lance Ward - bust
1997: Brad Ference - bust
1998: Nikolai Antropov - second liner
1999: Brad Mezei - bust
2000: Mikhail Yakubov - bust
2001: Dan Blackburn - injured, unknown outcome (let's remember that all 4 goalies drafted in the first round in 1994 were at one point highly touted, but all failed)
2002: Eric Nystrom - garbage forward, pretty much a bust
2003: Andrei Kostitsyn - second liner
2004: Boris Valabik - bust
2005: Luc Bourdon - a bust or a garbage defenseman

So in those 16 years, we had 3 second liners (Dvorak, Antropov and Kostitsyn) and one good third liner (Lapointe) and a blah goalie (T-Bo). Also, let's take Blackburn out of the equation. Everyone else was either a bust of a total piece of garbage NHLer.

So of the 14 skaters drafted, only 4 were anything more than a bust of a 4th line journeyman. None were first liners. If you take out the exceptional 2003 draft, only 2 of 13 skaters became second liners.

So don't just sit here and expect impact players at this level just because there is so much hype around players. If we get an average NHLer with a 10th overall pick, we did well with it.
Once again, because you seem to be unfamiliar with how scouting has changed, especially over the last 5-10 years, you don't understand that comparing drafting today with drafting of the 90s and even the early 2000s is not sensible.

Things have changed a lot, especially since the lockout.

Also, to say that Luc Bourdon was a bust or a garbage defenseman is ridiculous. The kid died before he ever had a chance to play in the NHL.

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