Thread: Speculation: Brad Richards News Part IV
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06-10-2011, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
let richards walk if he wants. I am tired of big ticket free agents.

Here is an idea. Clear cap space. KEEP THE CAP SPACE, tank a few seasons and GET SOME HIGH DRAFT PICKS. Next years draft is supposed to be a good one allegedly.

I understand hank is not getting any younger, but you know what? Hank is not the rangers. The rangers have Hank on their team. Big difference.

Fans want to toss everything into the fire to get the best free agents so hank has a chance to win a cup in the meantime we bargain the future away.

There have been LOTS of good players who have not won the cup. Lets draw a plan up. Stick to the plan. Whether hank gets the cup or not.
Did you happen to hear/read the interview with Shoenfield last month? You and and any other ranger fan that has this "tank fantasy" need realize what franchise you are following!

They will NEVER tank deliberately! That is not the way they do things here. Jim Shoenfield said it clearly! When and if Sather finally leaves, I still doubt ownership would allow that to happen.

Fans of this team who are "in reality" realize we have to rely on the draft, UFA, and trades to aquire talent. How many times must you hear that this team never finishes low enought to get top picks?
Are you getting it?

There's a reason why people want to sign the "next big star"! We have NO top line talent in our prospect pool. We might have a few top six players coming up. Because of this, myself and other are always hopefully they can bring in another top player that fits this system.

No offense, but either come to grips with the philosophy of this franchise or find another team to follow. do yourself a favor.

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