Thread: Speculation: Brad Richards News Part IV
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06-10-2011, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Dubinsky doesn't belong on the 1st line. He's a questionable 2nd line winger, ideally a 3rd liner. He's part of the soul of this team, unfortunately, despite the fact that he's our leading scorer, he's not talented enough to be on our first line. If we were to compare him in basketball terms, he's the hockey equivalent to a ball stopper. He has little vision on the ice, not a great passer, and not a great shooter. The majority of his shots are either between the lettering on the goalie's chest, whiffed upon, or go wide. However, he is a valuable asset to our team because he's the heart that keeps churning, the energy that is needed when the rest of the team needs a boost. He's capable of being a 2nd liner because of the sheer fact that he is able to produce a decent amount of points (due mostly to his puck-hoggish nature, however, his role is best as a 3rd liner.
Dubinsky's ideally a 3rd line winger? Yaaa... Ok...

His puck-possession is actually one of his assets; it's not puck-hogging at all. His all-around game, combined with his work ethic and intangibles is what makes him a legitimate top-6 forward on most teams in the league. It's not even debateable.

Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
As for Prospal, he shouldn't be on this team next year. He can't keep up with our youth. He's unpredictable, his knee was clearly not anywhere near close to 100% last year, he could be out at any time, and even if he's not what are the benefits to having a 1 legged player on our 2nd line? There are none, he's a veteran, but at this point in his career not much more. If he's on our 2nd line next year, we're in a lot of trouble. Him being on the 1st line this year pretty much summed up our offense this year... Someone who had the heart and determination to come back, even when he wasn't supposed to, who has some offensive talent, but just doesn't cut it.
With Drury being bought out/traded, I certainly would welcome Prospal back at the right price. If he misses some time it wouldn't be a huge deal since we have depth. His 23 points in 29 games is proof he can still produce offensively.

If all our priorities are set, and had better options (realistic ones) than Prospal, I wouldn't be opposed to that scenario. But his enthusiasm, experience, and offensive capabilities would be welcomed here. Plus, he has the entire off-season to rest that knee and come back as orange as ever. (The tan is what triggers the beast within)

Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
As for pp QB, Del Zotto is similar to Richards. He can move the puck around well, has above average vision on the ice which will hopefully develop into great vision and decision making, however he lacks the explosive point shot we need. We have no one to do that. McCabe was the closest we came to that this year and he's on the decline. We need a Shea Weber esque player.
Valentenko, Erixon, and McIlrath have heavy shots. Richards+MDZ+Gaborik = You don't even need a point shot anyway. With those three on the ice, it should be tic-tac plays. You want a heavy point shot when you're lacking creativeness on ice.

Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Finally someone who sees Dubinsky for what he is as well.
Shocker . . . .

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