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06-10-2011, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Duskfamous View Post
You will only set yourself up for disappointment, comparing a goon-type prospect to the likely Norris Trophy winner.
I agree that the comparison should stop because that is the absolute best case scenario/pipe dream. when he makes it to the nhl and shows he can play top 4 than we can get revisit the comparison...

that said though, to be fair comparing a 19 year old shea weber to the current shea weber would have been a joke too. at the same stage weber was closer to mcilrath than shea weber. in 2003, there was 12 dman draft ahead of him. and before his draft year he only had 2g, 16a (which is less than mcilrath prior to his draft year).

problem though is just cause they started at a similar point that doesn't mean they will end up at the same point...ever 6'7+ dman that comes along gets compared to chara. but for every tyler myer there is a boris valabik that totally bust. weber made an insane amount of improvement from his draft.

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