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10-17-2003, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by KL
You're not neccessarily wrong that Boston offered a 1st. They may or may not have. Where you went wrong was in stating that they made the offer instead of saying that there was a RUMOR OF AN OFFER.

Havent you been following along? There have been at least 20 posts by myself and countless others making and clarifying this point.

You/Xavier were nailed. Plain and simple. There is no room for wriggling, there is no point by which to squirm. You/he was flat out wrong.

I thought it was common knowledge that the "bruins offered a first" = rumor? You dont have to say rumor this or rumor that everytime, it just gets accepted that its not a backed up claim, but it is endorsed by several good sources.

And you werent following along in the locked thread when I corrected myself and said it was a rumor, thus hounding me here for no reason.

And its rediculous that you would even suggest Stevex and I are the same person. Id like to call that CT syndrome.

Flat out wrong? hardly, more like you called me out a technicality and no one cares.

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