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06-11-2011, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by alphaqup View Post
Your argument goes completely out the window when you suggested Paul "Statsny." Literally everything you argued against Richards can also be applied to Stastny. The injuries. The skewed PPG stats. Stastny has played in 15 playoff games and scored a whopping 8 points.

And I think you are severely underrating Richards defensive play. He's no Datsyuk but he's no Kovalchuk. He's average, IMO which is fine with me.
First of all, it was a typo. Calm down.

Stastny is six years younger than Richards, and has had nowhere near the talent Richards has worked with since he came into the league. His injuries are not as significant as Richards. If you want to count an appendicitis as being on par with hip surgery, then go right ahead. The most time he missed was because of a broken arm. But that doesnt matter, because comparing a 25-year-old's injuries to a 31-year-old's injuries in terms of dishing out a long term contract is completely out of balance. Stastny's in better shape than Richards.

As far as production, how is Stastny's point production skewed? He signed his 5-year extension in November of 2008. In 2010 he had his best year as a pro. His goal production last season actually increased in 2011 despite missing 8 games and playing with either Kevin Porter, David Jones or a declining Milan Hejduk -- give Stastny a power play with Eriksson, Ribiero, and Morrow and I can guarantee you that he would have hit his career average in production.

As far as his defensive abilities you speak of, what makes you say he isnt a turnover machine? I've been watching the guy for 10 years and he is the last guy you would ever consider "average". Granted, Eminger was a turnover machine and he seemed to fix that problem here. But putting two of the league's most careless players with the puck (Gaborik and Richards) on the same line is not going to provide the success everybody thinks.

Stastny is younger, cheaper, in better shape and 100 times better defensively. He's better in the dot, a better goal scorer and in my opinion would be worth the assets it would cost us to acquire him. He's got 3 years left on his deal, which means you're probably going to get max effort from him when the rest of the young Rangers are in their prime.

Richards isnt going to be "free" as a UFA. Signing him will block/stunt AA or Stepan's development and relegate them to a 3rd line. It makes more sense to trade one of them (ideally) for the better younger player who will provide the team with exactly what they are looking for.

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