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Originally Posted by brian822 View Post
Eskin called the Pronger back injury when no other reporter did. Not saying he's right on this one but to dismiss this would be foolish.
but on the other hand, how many of the hockey beat writers knew but didnt report it publically.... we all know how secretitive hockey teams are why the hell would a beat writer covering the flyers want to put out into the world an injury update without asking the flyers if tehy could??

Im sure guys like Timmy P and Chuckie G could live with being ignored by a player, but imagine being blackballed by a Whole organization....word gets to the rst of the league that hes a liability.... now hes got no credibility and no access to the NHL.... of course word spread to the sixers who at this point dont really care who reports on them they need the press... but if this 1983?? you culd be dam sure he wouldnt be allowed near that locker room until a general press day.

eskin hawks lexus, rolexes and fur coats..... he can afford to sit back and report things with little or no reprecussion...( trashes halladay after his perfect game - because he didnt give an exclusive interview)

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