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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1 View Post
Is this year's WJC's in North America or Europe?

I know it may be an odd question...

I thnk Tinordi should be a shoe in for a NA tourney role... I'd get to questions if it was in europe. Before anyone says it I do know he's good on his feet (fast for his huge size)... But in short tourneys, on a bigger ice sheet, I'd be more apt to put offence on the back end for passing ability. In NHL regulated rinks... I'd use size to ensure that the front of the net is cleared...

Either way, IMO he's got a great chance. Dale Hunter was using him 1/2 a game for his defensive coverages....

Seriously I cannot wait for his game to develop

If anyone remembers Mark Tinordi... He was such an intimidating force out on the blue line... Seriously just an absolute terror.

Freakishly huge, played with not only an edge, but a chasm of additude.

Mark said his son is the same, only faster...

All I could say, is to people thinking Oleksiak, and Chara...

Tinordi is going to be MORE nasty than Chara, MORE intimidating... MORE mean... IMO less of an offensive game though... This could be wrong even, because even as we speak about Tinordi now, this is what Dale WANTS to develop in Jarred.

He is bar none a very exciting prospect...
One I am definately not concerned about playing in WJC's or not... He will represent USA someday in the future.
Wish I felt the same. I find Leblanc and Tinordi to be quite meh tbh. I don't think we should have ever drafted him, but we'll see. Hope he proves me wrong.

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