Thread: Speculation: NHL Draft June 2425
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06-11-2011, 05:12 PM
The Stig
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New poster here!

As far as drafting goes, I'm not a big fan of drafting based on team needs, because by the time these prospects end up on the big club, chances are the team needs will have already been fulfilled.

That being said, I think we ought to draft one of Mayfield or Grimaldi (I realize they are two very different players both in style and position). If it were up to me, I'd choose Mayfield, but it would be a tough choice. I don't know what it is, but there's something about Grimaldi that makes me think that if he was still on the board and we passed him up, we'd regret it.

So nice to not be talking about which of the top 5 prospects we want though. I'd take playoff hockey over a high draft pick every year.