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06-11-2011, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
i'd take stastny over richards any day of the week and twice on sunday...and if the option was one or the other i'd take him. but thats not the option and i'm deathly afraid of what kind of package the avs would ask for in return for him. i'm thinking it will cost us 2 of our 'untouchables'.
People fall in love with all of our prospects, but they fail to realize that the reason why you stockpile picks is to acquire young world-class talent when they are in their peak years.

I look at the Nordiques. They traded three straight No. 1 overall picks (Sundin, Nolan and Lindros) to becomes Cup contenders.

I mean, they traded Sundin for Wendel Clark, and then traded Clark for Lemiuex. They traded Nolan for Ozolinsh. They traded two young regulars and the best young goalie prospect in the league for Roy

That's like us trading Stepan for Selanne and Kreider for Liles.

They are ballsy, ballsy moves, but as in the case of the 1996 Avs it worked out.

I know it sounds nice to have all 18 skaters and the 2 goalies we Ranger-bred players. But it doesnt work out that way.

A lot of people on this board need to realize that being a perennial Cup contender will cost you assets. You dont build Cup contenders with a yearly blockbuster UFA signing.

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