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10-17-2003, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by PigPen
The wings' won't be parting with Fischer any time soon not only because Hatcher is gone, but he's been our best defenseman for 2 of the 3 games thus far, and was the 2nd best last night against the canucks.

He's been a monster out there. Plain and simple.

Rushing the puck and using his speed. (He's got plenty)
He's been shooting the puck more and jumping in on the offense, sneaking in from the point.
He's been absolutely manhandling anybody that comes into the wings' zone. He singlehandedly kept Marian Hossa who is one of the top 5 wingers in the game against ottawa a non-factor. Also lets keep in mind how he put Daniel Sedin through the glass at the joe.

At worst he'll be an Adam Foote/Derian Hatcher type defenseman with a lot more speed. Those types of defenseman are extremely valuable to any team in the league and they usually don't part with them, and I don't think the wings' would part with Fischer for anybody right now.

Grigerenko is also expected to be fully recovered by january and considering the wings' lack of good wing prospects outside of Grigs and Fleischmann now so I doubt they trade him. He'll probably end up the wings' #1 RW in 2 seasons.

And from what I've seen of Semenov last year, I wasn't the least bit impressed. He reminded me of Max Kuznetzov and Yan Golubovsky. 2 wings' 1st round busts in 94 and 95 that we had to give an arm and a leg to give away.
Well, you obviously didn't see him much because to compare him to such pylons as Kuznetzov and especially Golubovsky is absolutely absurd.

6'6, 238lbs, has a cannon of a shot (which we rarely see, one of his drawbacks), extremely fast north-south skater (could use work on the lateral movement), doesn't take bad penalties, can play physical (only when he wants to, which is another one of his drawbacks), and has amazing patience on the ice. Oh, did I mention he's only 22 and makes well under a million?

Sounds exactly like Kuznetzov and Golubovsky to me.

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