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06-11-2011, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by n8 View Post
something like
Carter for 3rd overall and Quinton Howden or John Macfarland. 3rd overall is gonna be a gooooood player. Huberduberdeau, Larsson, Landeskog. Take your pick. I could see bottom 6 type also included into the deal.
Oh my.. Florida would never touch this.

People need to realize that the fact that Carters contract has 10 years left is gonna hurt his value. It will look good now, but who knows what will happen in two, three or five years? That contract is dangerous!

Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Understanding something is untouchable is well and good, but nobody is trying to "screw you over". You're giving up what are essentially futures for more known quantities. If everything works out with the prospects and picks you send, the value would be fair for Philly. Everything could easily not work out with those prospects. That risk lowers trade value far more than a bargain contract for a player of Carter's caliber.
We know that most proposal fail, so we chose to not propose something retarded and look like douchbags.

"Fair" value, if two of three would work out well, then the Panthers would be ****ed so hard. Don't you get that a 10 year contract hurts a players value, because it involves a big risk. Maybe the player get's hurt or is over the top.

Florida in a rebuilding would never give up three massive assets for 10 years of Carter (which is a very risky move). Carter isn't worth it when he got a contract like that. No GM in their right mind would trade one of this assets+ for Carter because it ruins the rebuild! And I'm gonna say it again: Carters contract is dangerous and will ruin a lot of his value in a trade.

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