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06-11-2011, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
Tell you what. I'll be dramatic elsewhere. If you really scrutinized my posts that much to find flaws in how I wrote my information then I am going to send a PM to Hollywood every time I hear something. If it happens before it hits the media, he can tell you that I broke it to him.

And how do you know the Flyers aren't listening to offer for Richards? I do not want him gone but maybe they are seeing what the offers are for him in the market.

@Coppy. That's fine. I've always respected your opinion on here so I have no problems with what you said and how you backed up your opinion. Maybe in the next week a report will come out that will confirm what I said. Who knows? I don't blame you for not believing. Like I said earlier, it's hard in a Twitter world to get your information out fast. Luckily, I work on computers for a living... so I might get that text and be able to share it with Hollywood.
I don't think we have a problem with you posting these reports, but just don't make things sound like a trade is imminent unless it actually is. The Richards one seemed like it was meant to build suspense.

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