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06-11-2011, 10:49 PM
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The problem with this is that even the BPA notion is not as clear cut as some think it is. We had Theo in net, yet we took Price. So some would say this is EXACTLY what BPA represents....but what if they had already determine that Theo was not going to make us a better team? That going for an extremely talented and BIG goalie was not NEEDED? 'Cause now, you have that big time goalie...How many goalies have we picked since then? 2. And needless to say both goalies were extremely RAW and totally out of left field picks, total gamble. But you can't tell me that in earlier rounds, that a goalie was never the BPA over the players we picked. So why didn't we? Maybe 'cause they feel we didn't NEED them? Also....openly Habs have said that in 06-07 they went mostly for d-men to replenish their prospect pool....isn't that more evident that they went with needs there? And in 2009, they went with a lot of centermen...same pattern but different position? All NEEDS? Or is NEEDS a portion of what makes a player a BPA? But then in order to ****ed up my own argument, if we take the Fischer pick in 2006, what's the point in going for a need for defenceman by picking him when openly this guy was a true boom or bust prospect as raw as you can get. What good is it to go for needs when if the guy doesn't make it, he won't help you very much in the "need" department?

Sorry but that need vs BPA is not as evident. I understand people not liking a grey response compared to a black and white one but that's how I see it. How can some people call the draft a total crapshoot (which to some degree I don't believe it is, look at the worst teams in drafting, and they're extremely bad for a number of years...) but then believe in a BPA notion? If it's a totaly guess, than a BPA is just a guess as well.

So my point is that you can call it BPA or needs if you want. I will call it BPAN. "Best player available needed". You go with who you like. Who fits the mold you're trying to build. While you never know if the GM and coach will be around for so much, at the time of the draft, they are still working with you. So you might have some guidelines to follow but in the end, they put all the trust in Timmins. And if Timmins believes in fast feet, agility and 2-way game, they'll go with who he thinks will bring it to the next level. Yes, there are some exception, there are instances when the true notion of BPA seems entirely at work. I'd say Chipchura, White, and Latendresse. Neither fits the mold of having the agility and fast feet Timmins loves in a player. But based on the tons of reports out there, everyone of those players, especially Lats and White, went WAY further than they should have been picked. They automatically became BPA at that spot. But it's not the majority of time. I believe that the "strategy" is to go with who you love. But you can adapt it as you go along. And there's nothing wrong with that. You can probably bet that goalies are now slowly but surely becoming somewhat important? Why? 'Cause they'll now SUDDENLY become BPA? Or maybe because they want to replenish their prospect pool of goalies instead of trying to find some miracles in the College circuit? Or maybe because they want to be covered if they can't come to an long-term agreement with Price....

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