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06-11-2011, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by rangers32185 View Post
What is he supposed to do? How about not giving up a ridiculous bad angle goal to a washed up fedorov in the last 3 mins to lose the 09 series and how about not quitting on ovechkins ridiculous stuff shot in game#1 this year with 5 mins left to tie that game all bc hank expected to get a whistle and stopped playing the puck. ********! Other teams struggle to score goals in the playoffs, not just us. Are the bruins some kind of elite offensive machine having been shut out twice in the finals? No! But there they are in a game#6 because of an out of this world performance by their goalie tim thomas.
Get the picture, pal?
Are you serious? Redden screened Lundqvist and Fedorov took advantage. Lundqvist stopping that puck would have been pure luck. He wasn't able to see it. And the stuff in was horse **** and more the Refs' faults than his as he had covered the puck for quite a long time with no whistle being blown. How could you possibly pin anything on Lundqvist? He's the reason they're ever in the playoffs. Like others have said the man can't score goals. We have zero talent outside of Gaborik offensively, and guess what. Gaborik didn't show up in the playoffs. Give the man some credit. The team in front of him, as is, is not built to even sniff the conference finals, let alone the Stanley Cup finals.

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