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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Assuming a team gets eliminated in the first round, there are 100 weekdays in the summer after you give players a week to rest from the playoffs.

This is what I would like to see for all Rangers and all prospects who will be fighting for a spot in preseason:

- One 5-day week skating seminar for the whole team where they all work jointly at the beginning of the summer.

- One 5-day week skating seminar for the whole team where they all work jointly at the end of the summer.

- 1 full day one-on-one with each guy, which would be about 50 days.

- 1 full additional day one-on-one with top-20 prospects, rookies and sophomores.

- 5 players and prospects selected to practice skating 10 hours a week each either one-on-one or as part of this small group for 4 weeks. Each player would get 3 sessions of 2.5 hours hours individually, plus they could all skate together once a week for 2.5 hours.

This would be full-time work for Underhill, but for the team, it would be 2 weeks plus one day for most players or 2 weeks plus two days for most prospects.

I would agree that this has to be voluntary, but it should be strongly encouraged by the team. The Russians have a strong skating program and it shows.

Also, I think a similar program should be used for shooting. And the Rangers should also pick 5-10 players who are either developing (prospects, rookies) or out of shape and have them work with professional trainers and nutrionists for a few weeks each summer.
woah there. You've got like 16+ weeks scheduled out there for only 100 days in the summer AND you want a similar program for shooting? Please tell me you aren't a producer or project manager

You'll have to find 10 other Barb Underhills to pull this off. 50 students is too many to handle. 7-10 per person max. And you'd have to hire 50 camera men. And then you'd have 100 people on the ice or would have to get ice time at multiple rinks. Your getting diminished and diluted returns if you try to cram that many people in at once. I think a one or two sessions of skating (in the 7-10 person groups) plus one on one time would be sufficient. And by one on one, I don't mean a whole day. That's kind of silly especially if you cram it into one day. Just how much progress could they possibly make? 15 minute sessions for video review should suffice. 3 hours would cover 12 players. If they averaged three review sessions each, even that is a lot of time. I guess players would "graduate" out of that process. So maybe 9 players per session w/ ~2 hours worth of review and possibly group critique.

It'd be great if all the Rangers became skating experts so during the season they could keep each other in good form. "You're slacking in the knees again!"

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