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06-12-2011, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
But read closer. It's actually only 100 weekdays, and it's not the whole team practicing. Other than two 5-day seminars, each player essentially drops in for 1 or 2 days. The rest of the time, it's vacation.

Not really since she'd be doing it 1 player at a time 90% of the time. But if we do need multiple skating coaches, she's isn't the only one and may not even be the best one probably.

There are plenty of Olympic-level skating coaches around.
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Well the two 5-day seminars would be insane. but I guess no more than opening day at camp but even then they break it up into two groups. sometimes 4. 10 days. 50 players @ 1 day each 50 days. 20 players for additional session = 20 more days. I'm not sure how your additional practice hours work out there but sans those you're already up to 80 days there, which is certainly less than 100 days but you did say you wanted to do something with shooting as well and 160 days is definitely more than 100 unless you have a 20 schedule in mind. If more capable skating coaches are brought in, then that could work.

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