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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Desperate for offense? Aren't the Habs just as desperate?
If the Habs were just as desperate to play a guy like Pouliot as a forward to score goals, why was he a healthy scratch in the play-offs???? Why did they play webber instead?

Sometimes a team either losses hope on a player, thinks he doesn't bring enough for his skill and salary, don't like his work ethics, etc.. the Habs had their reasons, but their decision to not play him when they needed the best players available in a desperate game speaks volumes..

Some thought Seelane was finished after his stint in Colorado, some teams still give Samsonov a try after some bad seasons with many teams..

All I'm saying is that there are other teams who don't have much depth and might be willing to give Pouliot a try. He's a RFA. If the Habs offer hm 500K next season and another team offers him 600k, he's gone.. You think the Habs want to spend over a million on a guy they gave a one year contract to prove himself and ended up being scratched in a game 7 series?

I can't see why Pacioretty won't play on the top 2 lines next season.. He was only getting better before his meeting with the turnbuckle. He was cleared to play again after Game 7 which they lost.

Who would you rather have? Pouliot or Pacioretty?

Desharnais with less NHL experience plays bigger and has more heart then Pouliot. He also had a better PPG average then Pouliot. So who would you rather have? Desharnais or Pouilot?

Pouliot was making almost $1.4M last season.. If a team offers him $1.6-2M next season, you think the Habs will match that? Pouliot is not going to play as a top 6 IMO and just can't contribute more than anyone else on the team on the bottom 6. There's no more place for him and will become too expensive.. If the Habs offer him minimum and no other team is interested, then fine, let him play when there are injuries and give him a chance to prove himself yet again.. But I'd rather him not take a roster place away from Cammalleri, Ginta, Pacioretty, Kostitsyn or Desharnais. (Ya I know I named 5 but depending on any given night with Martin's line juggling, you never know who the top 4 wingers will be...)

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