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06-12-2011, 11:58 PM
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Name (if comfortable giving out) and/or origin of screen-name: Art. My screen-name was originally Wing-Man on the old ESPN forums and the Wings forum (when it was still HTML, so we're talking late-90s). Someone essentially stole the username on ESPN, so I went to Winger98. Maybe that was the year I made the switch.
Where ya from: SE Michigan. In other words, some tiny place that doesn't show up on a map.
Favorite Current Red Wing player(s): Z, Howard (?)
Favorite All-Time Red Wing player(s): Konstantinov. And I've always liked Petr Klima.
Favorite non-Red Wing player(s): Pronger. Forsberg. Getzlaf.
Least-Favorite non-Red Wing player(s): Torres, Cooke, Tootoo.
Favorite food: seafood.
Favorite beer: Flying Dog Ales
Other teams/sports you watch:

RIP David
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