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06-13-2011, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by slitz View Post
the only thing "clear" about the photo I posted is that it is in no way a clear cut call. we have the benefit of a still photo and it is still very, very close. from the refs perspective, at game speed, without the benefit of the grass cuts, with late afternoon shadows, and crowd noise, that is an EXTREMELY difficult call to make. to say otherwise is highly misinformed.
im not arguing that it's not a difficult call to make, you're completely missing the point.

im arguing that, to me, it's onsides. thus, under that notion, the wrong call was made. regardless of how difficult the call was to make. it's pretty misinformed to call someone else misinformed, when all they're doing is making a statement based on the notion that it was on sides, and not how close or difficult the call was to make.

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