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10-17-2003, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill
Hah! A man's house is his castle, and his TV is his pacifier. I also used to be dominated by my wife, McPhee. But one day, I wanted to watch the game, and I just said "Woman, there's hockey game on, gimme the remote". By the 3rd period, the swelling had gone down, and the bleeding had stopped, and I could actually see the TV and watch the game. Since then, I watch all the hockey I want, after doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, ironing the clothes and vacuuming the house. Man, you guys really gotta learn to stand up to your wives.

Gros bill.. i nearly pissed in my pants. Good one.

I had the same problem with my wife and I solved the problem... I bought another TV (a small one). So now I get to watch the games.
The problem now is that I get the "we don't spend enough quality time together crap. It is weird that she doesn't want to do quality things with me when Gilmour Girl is on...

Sometimes she will come and "watch" the game with me and change the channel in commercials (I loose the converter somehow...) and "forgets" to put it back and I am stuck watching the E-bay channel where they sell lamps and jewellery and all that crap.

Nah... I guess it is not that bad... At least she "lets me watch my game once in a Great to be a "free" man.

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