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06-13-2011, 11:06 AM
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I just love how they say we're the biggest divers etc. I actually love hearing that stuff because

A) They're one of the biggest cheap shot teams in the league and just can't accept karma for what it is
B) Their fan base is probably among the biggest whiners in the league, they always need to have an excuse for the loss, it's never their own fault. Can't take responsibility for a loss, it's always due to something cheap.

Meanwhile Boston wouldn't even be in the finals right now had they not cheaped Pacioretty.

But yeah Rome is a cheap ass even though he went on record and admitted what he did and didn't intend to hurt Horton.

Their fan base and team are a walking contradiction at best. One minute they'll cry about how their players are legit and didn't mean to hurt someone, the next minute they'll cry about how their player got hurt and the guy claiming he didn't mean to hurt their guy is a liar, priceless!

They'll say whatever they have to say in order to have an excuse for losing but when they win it's like they overcame the odds

The way the Boston media talks it's an insult to the intelligence of the smarter people who follow the team, they actually know nothing about the sport and just babble on about their opponents all the time and never about their own team. Then they just slander/insult players/teams/fan bases alike because they have nothing intelligent to say ever.

They should go back to following the red sox cause they don't know a thing about hockey. The whole team is just a disgrace to the sport imo. They're like that cousin/friend you have that's spoiled to **** and never had a responsible bone in their body, then whenever things got tough their parents told them it wasn't their own fault and paid their way for them.

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