Thread: Line Combos: Predictions for 2011-12 Roster
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06-13-2011, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Duskfamous View Post
I like Vandermeer, I watched some Oilers games and he was one of the few defenseman who could make a pass and make some hits. He was forced to play bigger minutes, but I think he can excel in a smaller role and provide veteran presence.

Sure, but we can experiment around during the season, if he is ridiculously bad, move him with Dubi and Cally.


Sharp isn't made of glass. I think it's a matter of viewing it differently, Del Zotto can't play defense and Sauer and McD have passed him on the depth charts. With the acquiring of Erixon, this makes MDZ expandable. Kreider is Kreider, time will tell on how he does but it doesn't look promising at the moment.

And if you read my post, I said Sharp would come with a contract extension.
How do you plan on paying for that lineup? In monopoly dollars? With no salary cap?

Del Zotto cant play defense? Says who? You? Ohhhh I see you got it all figured out. The 20 year old top defenseman prospect can't play defense. Hmm...

If you think Sauer and McD have passed him on the depth charts you clearly have no clue as to what you are talking about. Yeah maybe they did in terms of ice time, but they certainly dont hold more value than him, and certainly are not more talented than he is. MDZ was outstanding his rookie year. He struggled in his sophomore season. But we should give up on him because you are just like every other impatient NY fan.

And wtf does "Kreider is Kreider" mean? Sounds like your spewing out garbage to me. Have you seen the kid play? Because I have. The kid can hack it. He can bring it. He is big, can skate, and can dangle. But we should give up on him too because in YOUR opinion "it doesn't look promising at the moment," which I also would like to be explained as to what that means.

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